Art director, designer, mayonnaise enthusiast.
My favourite colour is gold.



Something interesting happens when you decide to start fresh somewhere else. Whether you’re simply starting new on an old project or picking up and moving halfway across the world, one thing is common: everything you thought you knew is challenged while new insights start to appear.

I recently made the move from a life in western Canada to the bustling city of London, England which has been an eye opening experience in a number of ways. Not only the geographical move, but the shift from student life to what people call “real” life has been an extensive adjustment in its own ways.

This is a place where I’ll share observations from these experiences, both monumental or minuscule.

Here’s the facts:

Name Laura Russell
Location London, United Kingdom
Hometown Sherwood Park, Canada
Occupation Co-founder & CPO at Nattr
Education Bachelor of Design in Advertising from The Alberta College of Art + Design

You can also find me here:
Portfolio with creative partner Melanie Mercier

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