Wide Open

Nothing says “vulnerable” like sleeping with your mouth wide open.


Unless you’re some sort of a rigid superhuman, we’ve all found ourselves in this situation, on display to friends or strangers; somehow unknowingly drifting off into abyss as your jaw does its own drifting to reveal the depths of your soul along with all your insecurities.

There’s a number of reasons for the discomfort of this unfortunate situation:

1. Let’s face it, this gaping orifice is not a cute look on anyone.

2. Rather than passing it off as a long blink, everyone knows you’ve officially entered into the deep sleep stage. This gives everyone around you a free pass to mess with you in any way, which brings me to the next reason:

3. Things entering your mouth. Obvious point, I don’t need to get creative on this one.

4. Things exiting your mouth. Most commonly being saliva and/or bad breath. There’s no need to unleash the stench of this afternoon’s beefy microwave burrito upon the undeserving souls around you.

5. You’re helpless. It’s something you can’t control; a human flaw. Similarly to any sort of body gas, you can try to prolong it or stop it, but it will find a way to happen anyways.

I was on a long-haul overnight flight this past week and knew this inconvenient situation would present itself in the meanest way (there were sleeping pills involved). So, like most human beings tend to do, I covered up my vulnerabilities and attempted to hide my problem from the world.


Not so sure how well of a job I did.

- L

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